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You can ask the receptionist to make an appointment. We make every effort to see patients with urgent problems on the same day, but for less urgent problems please be prepared to wait longer. We will endeavor to ensure that patients requesting medical attention are seen by a health professional within 48 hours.

You may consult with any of the doctors, though please bear in mind that it is often best to complete a course of treatment with the same doctor.

We operate an appointment system for all weekly surgeries, on a one patient, one appointment basis. There are a number of appointments which can only be allocated on the day.

It is better to discuss one problem per appointment rather than storing up a list of ailments. If you think that you need more than one standard 10-minute appointment please inform the reception staff when booking your appointment.

Appointment times can only be approximate. We will try to run to time but it is inevitable that patients sometimes have to wait. Diagnosis often needs time-consuming examinations and tests. Treatment often needs discussion and explanation.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are taking long-term medication you may be able to repeat your prescription without seeing the doctor every time. It is helpful if you keep the printed list of medications from your prescription and hand it in when you need more medication. Alternatively, you can telephone or fax the dispensary for a repeat. Do not wait until you have run out of medication before asking for more. Please give at least 48 hours’ notice (two working days) ie if you require your medications on a Monday please order on the preceding Thursday. That way you will allow us sufficient time to check your notes and order your medicines for you.

If you would like your prescription posted, please provide a stamped addressed envelope. You can also email your request to [email protected]

Coronavirus – Information if you have asthma or COPD

If you already have a rescue pack as part of your ongoing management you should only take this as previously advised by your nurse or doctor i.e. if you have worsening symptoms of your asthma or COPD. Due to the current Coronavirus situation we advise you to contact your GP Practice prior to starting any rescue pack for review.

You should continue your treatment as normal and ensure you are taking your inhalers regularly as prescribed. If you haven’t been using your current prescribed inhalers you should restart them. You do not need to increase the use of your inhalers as a precaution or take an extra blue inhaler just in case.

Instead, follow the self-management advice and any action or management plans previously given by your nurse or doctor.

Unless this is already part of your management plan you do not need to be prescribed a rescue pack to take now as a precaution or keep at home just in case.

Further information on managing your COPD can be found at

Further information on managing your asthma can be found at

Walk-in X-ray services during Coronavirus

Please see the link for the current (June 2020) walk-in x-ray services available at Oxfordshire University Hospitals OUH x-ray services June2020 covid19

Sickness Certificate

Sometimes employers ask their employees to obtain medical certificates from the doctor during the first week of absence from work. You are allowed to complete a self-certification for the first week of absence and there is no contractual obligation placed on NHS doctors to certify such absence. Therefore, if such a sick note is required, a charge will be made for the issue of a private sickness certificate. A letter for employers explaining our stance is available to patients from the receptionist.

Obtaining Telephone Advice

If you need to speak to the doctor, the best time is between 12.00 noon and 1.00pm. Alternatively, speak to the receptionist who will advise you. Doctors and practice nurses will not be able to speak to patients on the telephone during surgery times, so please avoid those times.

Change of Personal Details

If you legally change your name, please inform the practice as soon as possible. If you move address please advise the surgery immediately, advising us who has moved and the new address details and telephone number. If you move out of the area you will be required to register with a practice that covers your new address.

Home Visits

If you are too ill to attend the surgery but need to see the doctor, it helps if you can telephone before 11.30am. Babies and children can usually be brought to the surgery. Please advise the receptionist of your symptoms; the doctor cannot make judgements and come properly equipped if an explanation is not given. The doctor usually visits after 2.00pm.

Test Results

Please telephone the surgery after 2.00pm for results; the secretary will be able to tell you your results.

Samples are sent away for analysis and results can take varying lengths of time to come back to the surgery. You may be asked to make an appointment with the doctor to discuss your results in person. Please note that for reasons of confidentiality, results will only be given to the patient concerned, unless that patient is considered a minor in the eyes of the law.

GP Earnings

The average pay for GPs working for six months or more in Clifton Hampden Surgery in the last financial year was £24960 before Tax and National insurance. This is for 1 full time 2 part time and 2 locum GPs.

Privacy Notice

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