The Clifton Hampden Surgery website mainly exists to tell you about our practice and services. We have taken care to ensure that all information is correct.

However, the practice accepts no responsibility for how this information is used by patients. We are confident that the website offers high-quality advice, but it is not a replacement for a consultation with a medical professional.

Online Medical Information

The internet can be useful for learning about medical conditions. However, it can also be difficult to know the difference between trustworthy, scientifically accurate information, and harmful, unsupported information. If you choose to use the internet to find advice for medical conditions:

  • Only use trusted medical websites, such as https://www.nhs.uk/ or https://patient.info/. (For advice on finding trusted websites, please click here or here)
  • Remember that anyone can publish anything on the internet. Check if the authors’ names and qualifications are included. If they are not, the information might not be trustworthy
  • Ask yourself if the website is trying to sell you something. If the author gets something by recommending a treatment, they might be overstating the benefits and not telling you about the risks. It might not work at all!
  • Check that the website is updated regularly. You should double-check any information published more than four years ago to make sure that it is still current
  • Do not trust online diagnoses or consultations completely. These can be useful for seeing what your condition might be, but only a medical professional can give you an accurate diagnosis
  • Check the website’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
  • Be aware that information from outside the UK might describe treatments that you cannot get in the UK

Suitability and Availability

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that information given on the Clifton Hampden Surgery website will perfectly suit every patient, every need and every condition. However, we have worked hard to give you a website that:

  • Has lots of high-quality content
  • Gives you relevant information (or gives you somewhere trustworthy to find it)
  • Does not violate the rights of third parties
  • Is secure

Updates, connectivity problems and such will sometimes mean that you cannot access our website or the sites it links to. While we accept no responsibility for any damages caused by the inability to use this information, we have done our best to recommend many trusted sources of information.

Online Consultations

Our online advice and consultation features can be very useful. However, some conditions might need a physical examination. Without a physical examination, we might not be prepared to give advice, and might ask you to attend an in-person appointment at the practice.

Links to Other Websites

We have included many links to other websites to help you find useful information. However, we cannot accept responsibility for these linked sites, or for the information you might find there. Linking to a site does not imply an endorsement of a site, and not linking to a site does not imply a lack of endorsement.

Data Collection

To improve the content of our website and the quality of our service, we collect:

  • The contact details of those who want to communicate with us by email
  • Aggregate information about which pages visitors to our website look at
  • Information volunteered by visitors to our website (such as survey information and site registrations)

Hosting, Networks and Data Storage

To provide the hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology we need to support our website, we use:

  • Third Party Service Providers
  • Vendors
  • Hosting Partners