Practice Services


A standard appointment is 10 minutes. You can speak with any doctor, but it is best to complete a course of treatment with the same doctor.

To book an appointment, please ask at reception. We see patients with urgent problems on the same day when possible, but please be prepared to wait slightly longer for less urgent problems. Patients are usually seen within two working days.

It is always better to discuss one problem per appointment, rather than storing up a list of problems. This makes it easier for us to give you high-quality medical advice, and drastically reduces waiting times. If you might need more than one standard appointment, please tell the reception staff when booking.

Although we aim to keep to schedule, you will sometimes need to wait. Diagnosing a patient can involve time-consuming examinations and tests, and treatments often need discussion and explanation.

The Dispensary

We are a dispensing practice, so we can give you medications. This does not apply if you live within a mile of a chemist, or outside our dispensing area.

Repeat Prescriptions
If you are taking long-term medication, you might be able to repeat your prescription without seeing a doctor every time. To request a repeat prescription, you can:

  • Use Patient Access
  • Use the NHS app
  • Email the dispensary at [email protected] (please include your name, date of birth, and which medication you are requesting)
  • Put your printed list of medications in the practice’s post box outside, or pass it to a receptionist at the front desk.

Do not wait until you have run out of medication to request more. It takes at least two working days for us to check your notes and order your medication.

Generic Medication
When the patent for a branded medication runs out, other companies can make it under a generic or general name. This is called a generic medication. They are just as safe and effective as the original, but are usually much cheaper. Using generic medications saves the NHS millions of pounds each year. That is money that we can then spend on you.

If you are prescribed medication that looks different to your last supply, this might mean it is generic medication. Generic medications sometimes have a different colour, size, shape or taste than the branded version. This does not change the effect of the medication at all.

If you are worried about the change in name or appearance of your medications, the dispenser or doctor can explain why they are different.

Minor Surgery

Our doctors perform many minor surgical operations at the practice. If your doctor has asked you to come for a minor surgical operation, please tell the receptionist when booking your appointment.

Contraceptive coils can also be fitted in a minor surgery clinic. If you want to have a coil fitted, please ask at reception.

The Practice Nurses

Our practice nurses can help you with many aspects of healthcare, including:

  • Audiograms
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood tests
  • Cervical smears
  • Child vaccinations
  • Contraception and family planning advice
  • Dietary advice
  • Dressing wounds
  • Ear syringing
  • Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • General vaccinations
  • Health checks
  • Removing stitches
  • Travel advice and travel vaccinations
  • Treatment of injuries
  • Urine tests

Go to Practice Information and see Clinics to see when you can book an appointment.

Home Visits

If you need to see a doctor but are too ill to come to the practice, a doctor can visit you at home. If your baby or child is ill, but you are not, a home visit is not needed and you can bring them to the surgery if invited.

Test Results

You can call the practice after 2.00pm to get your test results.

Please wait at least two working days before calling for your results. Samples are sent away for analysis, so we cannot know when they will come back to the practice.

You might be asked to book an appointment with a doctor to discuss your results in person. As results are confidential, they will only be given to the patient concerned, unless that patient is under the age of 18.

Sickness Certificate

If you take time off work because you are ill, your employer might ask you to get a medical certificate from a doctor.

If you are off for a week or less, by law you do not need a doctor to confirm that you are ill. Instead, you can self-certify your absence. For more information, please visit Clifton Hampden Surgery does not offer medical certificates for illnesses lasting a week or less.

If you are off for more than a week, your employer might ask you for a medical certificate from a doctor as proof of your illness. To get a medical certificate, please book an appointment to speak to a doctor. These medical certificates are free of charge.

Travel Vaccinations

Travelling abroad increases your risk of infection. You should protect yourself with the recommended vaccinations. To see what vaccinations are recommended for your trip, please visit

If you need travel vaccinations, you must complete this form AT LEAST 6 weeks before you travel. It must be returned to the surgery where a travel Nurse will assess the information given. This can take up to 7 days. You may book an initial travel telephone call (for at least 7 days time) once your form has been handed to the reception team.

Do not wait until just before you leave to get your travel vaccinations. If your date of travel is less than 6 weeks away, it is preferable that you contact a local travel clinic for vaccinations to ensure you can be seen.

You will be better protected if vaccinations are spaced correctly. For Africa, India or South America, allow at least two months to complete the course of vaccinations.

Some travel vaccinations and malaria tablets must be paid for by you. These are payable in advance via the reception team after your initial travel consultation with the nurse.

Advice on Contraception and Family Planning

Advice is available from all doctors and practice nurses at any surgery appointment. To keep patients’ information confidential, we don’t hold a separate family planning clinic.

Antenatal Clinic

These are held on alternate Fridays from 1.00pm to 4.00pm, by appointment only.

Before you attend your first antenatal clinic, you will need a one hour session with the midwife. Please ask at reception to arrange this.

Diabetic Clinic

At Clifton Hampden Surgery, we have specially-trained staff to help you manage your diabetes. This includes regular diabetic checks, ongoing reviews of your condition, and lifestyle advice.

If attending a diabetic clinic is right for you, you will be invited to book an appointment.

Non-NHS Services

We also offer some private services not offered by the NHS. These include:

  • Insurance forms, and medical reports for insurance purposes
  • Signing passport applications
  • Special examinations, such as DVLA medicals or for participation in certain sports (such as parachuting or scuba diving)

You might be charged for these services. To see our list of charges, please ask at reception. Charges are made at the cost recommended by the British Medical Association.

Insurance Reports Information:
Our practice outsources our medical reporting process to Medi2data.

Medi2data is an NHS Digital accredited company who have developed a digital system called eMR which enables the production of digital, GDPR-compliant medical reports. The eMR software was designed for data security, speed and efficiency, and interfaces with our GP practice’s system to extract medical records to be included in Medi2data’s reports. eMR empowers patients to easily see and share their medical data, allowing them to stay in control of their records.

To speak to Medi2data regarding your report, please contact their reports team directly via Live Chat, or email at [email protected]

The Live Chat is accessible on Medi2data’s website,, by selecting the speech bubble in the bottom-right corner of the page. Choose option 3 – “I’m looking for a status update on a report” – and you will be connected to an operative promptly.

If you have any concerns regarding your data, please call the Medi2data support team on 0333 3055 774 and select option 4, or email via [email protected]